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The objective that characterises the entire creation of our project from the very first steps is full customer satisfaction that is the real value added of our business.
Customers express their satisfaction not only with repeat purchases through the years, but also in terms of close collaboration and personal interaction.

For this reason we focus all our energies on issues fundamental to us:

  • QUALITY: maintaining the quality of all components
  • INNOVATION: always improving technology and products
  • COLLABORATION: designing together with the client to seek solutions for application problems
  • FLEXIBILITY: adapting systems to the needs of operational contexts and of workers inside
  • COMPETITIVENESS: standardising components and increasing efficiency to get the best prices
  • TIMELINESS: planning to deliver within the agreed deadline
Swarf conveyor and chip processing systems - material handling systems - customer satisfaction - Govoni Handling Systems - Italy


We consider the ecological aspect to be one of the key priorities of our work: the systems installed improve the work environment inside the workshops by reducing the impact of fumes and odors and contact with hazardous materials and noxious waste.
A "green" work environment that complies with the new regulations, enhances the company's image in the eyes of its workers, customers and external parties.
We believe that improving the work environment is an investment that is appreciated inside and outside a manufacturing company.
Swarf conveyor and chip processing systems - material handling systems - ecology - Govoni Handling Systems - Italy

Our systems are manufactured in full compliance with the laws on workplace safety and occupational hygiene: OSH Directives as 89/391 or 98/37, CEI and UNI regulations.
The protection of health and safety in the workplace is an essential aspect to increasing the socio-economic potential of businesses and are the most important issues in the most current regulations.
Increasing safety at the workplace to work more smoothly and to reduce the risk of accidents is a goal we share more and more with those companies that work in hazardous environments.
Swarf conveyor and chip processing systems - material handling systems - safety - Govoni Handling Systems - Italy

All our staff members work with confidence and passion; every project is a challenge to be met in order to achieve excellence, in close collaboration with the client as if we both belong to the same company. Even when the path seems tortuous, all our work is dedicated to giving the best solutions using careful analysis of the context of operation, without neglecting the smallest detail.
The driving force of our long experience is the pleasure we feel whenever we work and create something unique and special for each production context.
Swarf conveyor and chip processing systems - material handling systems - philosophy - Govoni Handling Systems - Italy
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