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Technology and innovation
The laboratory of Govoni Handling Systems has undertaken research in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna, leading to the creation of particularly simple and versatile technology for the transport of swarf, which is protected by an international patent.

The company thus created a very competitive and flexible new product that has quickly become widespread in industrial sectors where traditional machine tools operate, but especially where the automatic and most innovative ones operate, working at high speed and with different tools for multiple processes.
The Govoni screw is a universal transport system that can handle swarf horizontally, vertically and overhead and is patented worldwide.

The main innovative concept of the Govoni screw system is the transportation of metallic chips by means of the rotary action of a screw which operates for its entire length along a suitably configured manifold.
The system can operate with any chip morphology: powdery, short, chipped, medium-long coiled, long flowing and tangled.

powdery metal chip
short metal chip
chipped metal chip
medium-long coiled metal chip
Medium-long coiled
long flowing metal chip
Long flowing
tangled metal chip
screw conveyor for metal chips - Govoni Handling Systems - Italy
Mechanical transport takes place by simple rotation of the screw and does not require additional moving parts present in traditional transport systems, thus avoiding the maintenance and replacement of components with spare parts, apart from the engine.

This creates simple and flexible operational and structural conditions: screw technology makes it possible to create manifolds that can be developed underground, but also vertically and overhead, leaving the floor intact and reducing the space occupied.

Thanks to the simple and constant rotation of the screw and the special shape of the manifolds, the chip undergoes significant effects of crushing and compaction by the mere transport, in relation to its morphology and nature of the worked metal. In this way the quantity of swarf in the centralized containers is increased and transport manifolds with extremely reduced cross sections can be used. In some cases the screw even does away with the use of the shredder and thus all the maintenance and spare parts that this unit requires.
screw conveyor for metal chips
There is virtually no wear and tear of the conveyor due to the special surface hardening heat treatment undergone by both the screw and all components in contact with it. The flow rate of a screw manifold can easily be increased, within wide limits, by suitably increasing the speed of rotation of the screw that operates inside it.
Due to the simplicity of the technology, the installed power and operating costs are significantly lower than those required for other technologies. The mechanical action of the screw makes the danger of explosions nonexistent and the formation of operational blocks impossible.

Screw transport is a self-cleaning system that can operate completely without flushing or cleaning systems; if there is coolant to be recovered, the vertical path the screw facilitates drying of the chip due to gravity, thus improving the work of the de-oiling or centrifugation systems, if present.

Screw technology was created to build systems that are reliable and durable, fully automatic and able to work non-stop in the absence of supervision, even with high volumes of chips.

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