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Centralized chip handling system
For the automatic transport of swarf from machines to a single collection centre, in pit or overhead with horizontal position, vertical or inclined set-up.
Chip deoiling or centrifugation
To dry the chip and separate it from the fluids, retrieving them for reuse in production.
Equipment for handling bulk and packaged materials, waste, sludge, pallets, aggregates and scraps
It consists of APRON slat conveyors of the following types: slat, traditional auger, rubber belt with a horizontal set-up, inclined or combined for automated handling in various sectors.
Govoni screw conveyors
To transport any morphology of swarf from machine tools with vertical compact exhaust and minimal maintenance.
Steel or APRON belt conveyors
Conveyors with overlapped plates for the transport of swarf, pieces, bulk materials etc. with high load capacity and plates with a particular geometric shape without interstitial spaces.
Hinged Steel belt conveyors
For the transport of lightweight and compact material with plates connected by pivots and hinges.
Drag or scraper conveyors
For the transport of small or dusty swarf pushed by flights which are moved by chains.
Auger conveyors
For the transport of sludge, powders, flour, granulated materials and small chips.
Rubber belt conveyors
For the transport of bulk and packaged materials, ecological, electrical, agricultural, chemical, food, mining products etc. with a wide range of models and accessories.
Coolant filtration systems
For recovery of the coolant by separation of the particles present.
Accessories for swarf management systems
Accessories for swarf management systems for the shredding, centrifugation and storage of swarf, automatic box dumpers, automatic container filling, separation of swarf components etc.
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