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Swarf conveyor and chip processing systems - Govoni Handling System - Italy
Tradition and Innovation

The company, founded in 1960 thanks to the design skills of its founder Alfredo Govoni, experienced an initial phase oriented towards the creation of various kinds of mechanical equipment such as handling and transport systems of bulk and packaged material, industrial washing machines and machinery for automating the collection of agricultural products. As the crafting phase ended, the industrial phase began during which the company streamlined and limited fields of production, specializing through intensive research in the field of handling systems for bulk and packaged material.
The tradition of the company is therefore based on the design and construction of mechanical slat conveyors, scraper conveyors, traditional auger conveyors and rubber belt conveyor used in many different fields of application such as waste and industrial sludge disposal, chemical, sugar, pulp and paper, mechanical etc.
mechanical slat conveyors, scraper conveyors,  traditional auger conveyors and rubber belt conveyor
In the 80s the company conducted research in close collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at University of Bologna, then created a screw transport system for swarf which, thanks to its universality and versatility, has been protected by an international patent. This transport system is capable of handling metallic chips of any morphology and any type of metal, both underground and overhead.

The innovative swarf conveyor systems have enabled the company to meet new market demands in terms of:

  • compliance with the laws on safety and the environment
  • savings in cost and work space
  • improvement in the ergonomics and environment at workshops
  • facilitating the recycling of waste materials
  • reduction of hazardous waste such as cutting oils or coolants.
screw transport system chips for swarf
The company has installed thousands of evacuators for machines and several hundred centralized transport systems in Italy and abroad. Its main mission is to collaborate with its clients from the earliest stages of planning for the creation of the right system and provide post-sales support to ensure proper functioning of their systems.
Govoni Handling devotes particular attention to the quality of materials and workmanship inside and outside the company, with a network of loyal and qualified suppliers.
Technological quality, efficiency and simplicity has enabled the company to assume a leading role in several sectors including: machine tools, light alloy wheels, valves and fittings, faucets, lathe workshops, armories, forging, hydraulic components, industrial transmissions, precision machining and can boast leading companies among its clients.
In the field of machine tools, in particular, screw technology broadly meets the growing demand for functional reliability, minimum maintenance and reduction in the overall dimensions of the machines. The universality of screw extractors responds very well to the evolution of this field in which multifunctional CNC is getting established, performing various types of processing and producing a wide range of swarf morphology that can sometimes make transport with traditional evacuators problematic.
Chip de-oiling or centrifugation system
Govoni also offers solutions for the filtration of coolants for machine tools and in deoiling systems by centrifugation preserving the quality of the coolant to be reused, with consequent advantages in terms of accuracy and durability of the machine tools; the choice is oriented towards the most suitable system that allows maximum working efficiency of the tool and minimum maintenance costs, according to the performance needs of the machine tools.
Thanks to the combination of experience and innovation, the company has managed to establish relationships of mutual cooperation with various multinational companies in Italy. Important foreign markets such as Europe and America have also shown a strong interest in the new screw technology.
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