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Equipment for handling bulk and packaged materials, waste, sludge, pallets, aggregates and scraps
Thanks to its long experience, Govoni is the ideal partner for automated handling of waste, sludge, bulk and packaged materials and scraps. Depending on the various requirements related to transport and materials to handle, Govoni creates centralized 'turnkey' transport systems offering the best solutions using traditional conveyors with superimposed plates, traditional auger conveyors, rubber belt conveyors, slat and chain conveyors.
Govoni is able to create systems consisting of a wide network of conveyors of considerable length with a horizontal, inclined or combined set-up, able to discharge from one to another at various levels, designed to meet the broader needs of automated transport with high standards of quality and functionality.

The APRON belt conveyors have turned out to be the best technology for the transport of bulk and packaged materials, solid waste and even heavy scraps, as they offer higher resistance to wear and tear even with high load capacity; the plates are shaped in such a way as to overlap and connect without pivots, thus preventing small fragments from falling into cracks, avoiding their dispersion and any blocking of the conveyor.
The traditional auger conveyors are well suited for the transport of powdery materials or those with minimum grain size as long as they are not abrasive, adhesive or viscous. Thanks to certain variations in the parameters such as the diameter and the pitch of the propeller, this technology can also include extractor, metering and mixing functions. In certain cases, it is possible to enclose the tubular section in order to avoid the dispersion of highly volatile materials.
The rubber belt conveyors can be made in a wide range of models and with different types of rubber belts, very adaptable and extremely flexible in terms of the paths to follow and types of materials to be transported.
The chain conveyors used for automatic pallet handling systems are designed by correlating the weight of the load, the characteristics of the supporting surface and the timing with articulation of the path that is covered using appropriate sequences of conveyors.

The equipment can also be accompanied by complementary systems e.g. feeders, crushers, compactors, mixers, homogenisers, switches, heat exchangers, coolers, evaporators and other systems necessary for the process.
The many types of equipment manufactured by Govoni cover a variety of areas such as:

  • equipment for handling solid urban waste, biomass and ash
  • equipment for handling recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium
  • equipment for handling sludge or wastewater
  • equipment for handling pallet packs
  • equipment for handling aggregates and concrete blocks
  • concrete batching equipment
  • equipment for transporting scrap from forgings, die casting and stamping
  • equipment for transporting metal to washing lines, refrigeration and recasting ovens
  • equipment for transporting, mixing and dosing chemicals, rubber and plastic
  • equipment for transporting mining products
  • baggage handling systems for airports
The created systems include those for handling organic and inorganic materials at waste disposal centres and then processing them through the shredder or incinerator; for materials subject to recycling (paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium) that are separated from the rest of the waste and, if necessary, crushed, sorted and then automatically handled by apron or rubber belt conveyors and transported to packing machines in order to be sent to recycling centres.
Other transportation systems are made using plates or traditional augers for the handling of dry or liquid biomass at power plants; systems with auger conveyors for sludge and water waste were installed at water purification and sludge treatment centres; systems with sliding chain conveyors or shutter conveyors have been developed for the transport of pallet packs for highly automated industrial logistics centres.
In the concrete block making industry numerous systems have been designed with rubber belt conveyors for placing aggregates in the machines, while for handling the shapeless substances produced, sliding chain conveyors or shutter conveyors are used.

equipment for handling bulk and packaged materials, waste, sludge, pallets, aggregates and scraps

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