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Containers and silos for chips
Govoni manufactures containers and silos sized and located so as to rationalize and make swarf storage and removal as efficient as possible, in accordance with the specific needs of clients.

The external container for the swarf must be easy to fill and located so as to simplify the operations of management and maintenance as much as possible.
CONTAINERS: made of sturdy and durable materials, they can be underground, propped, fixed or detachable depending on whether the swarf is recovered with a claw or a dump truck. To schedule unloading, the container is equipped with an alarm system activated by level sensors.
BRIDGE SILO: the silo is supported by four pillars under which the truck is positioned to collect the swarf. The hopper container is made of sheet metal reinforced on all sides and the bottom is a frustoconical or truncated pyramid section with a motorized unloading valve.
WALL SILO: the truck is positioned in this case at the side of the silo and the swarf is discharged through the bottom chute, from a door controlled by two pneumatic pistons. The hopper container is made of sheet metal reinforced on all sides and is supported by four columns that rest on the ground.
On the top of all silos, a manhole cover is placed into which an ultrasonic level sensor is inserted for 'half-full' and 'full' alarms.

To facilitate access for inspection and maintenance, the silos are equipped with a service walkway with grated floor and railing, reached by step irons with a guard cage and interlocked door with a lock.

The entire outer surface of the silos can undergo a cycle of blasting followed by a zinc primer and epoxy paint finish or hot-dip galvanising; all other supporting facilities always undergo hot-dip galvanising in accordance with UNI 5744.

Silo capacity



Cast iron-ton

Stainless steel-ton


10 mc

2 - 4

5 - 8

7 - 10

6 - 9

7 - 10

20 mc

4 - 7

8 - 16

10 - 20

9 - 18

10 - 20

30 mc

7 - 10

16 - 25

20 - 30

18 - 27

20 - 30

The figure may vary depending on the morphology of the swarf and the specific weight of the material.

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