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Auger conveyors
AUGER EVACUATORS exploit an ancient principle of transport: the rotation of a helix.
Ancient Egyptians were already using what Galileo called "the most wonderful invention of Archimedes" used to bring water from the Nile to the fields and reclaim the marshland.
The augers installed in the conveyor can be extractors, dosers or mixers depending on needs or the material to carry.
To facilitate the control and cleaning of the evacuator, inspection doors are located in the upper part near the loading and unloading mouths.
The entire conveyor can be made of carbon steel or, for specific requirements, of stainless steel.
These conveyors are characterized by wide flexibility of transportation and remarkable resistance. They can be made horizontally or at an incline, in the following versions:

CRU: shaped U-section sheet metal usually closed with a top steel cover;

CRP: tubular with circular cross section.


Currently the auger is used mainly for transporting sludge, powders, flour, granulated materials and small chips. The various applications can be adapted to transport a wide range of products in the chemical, food, construction, plastic, ecological and mining sectors. For transport of dusty materials that could fly out, augers are made closed in tubes with a circular cross section with a dust-retaining labyrinth seal.

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